LA Times Poll: Bush To Blame for Bad Economy

June 26, 2008

An LA Times/Bloomberg poll reports that a whopping 75% of Americans blame Bush for the economic downturn:

Three out of four Americans, including large numbers of Republicans, blame President Bush’s economic policies for making the country worse off during the last eight years… reflecting a sharp increase in public pessimism during the last year.

The poll shows a significant disconnect: 75% of respondents overall say economic conditions have worsened. Among Republican respondents, that figure is at a much lower 42%. On the other hands, 9% of respondents overall say economic conditions have improved. Among Republicans, 22% of respondents say conditions are better. (They may also be living in caves without any link to reality.)

The LA Times also reports that Bush’s approval ratings are currently at “just 23%” — an all-time low. We find it shocking actually that nearly 1 out of 4 Americans STILL approve. Shouldn’t this rating be a low single digit after 8 years of shockingly awesome mechanisms of fear and greed?

Just 5 more months of this dynasty.

Photo: I-1326 on flickr