Decapitation on a Canadian Greyhound Bus

July 31, 2008

A friend just told me about this insane act of violence. BBC News reports that a 40-year-old man traveling on a Greyhound bus with a large hunting knife stabbed a fellow passenger 50+ times, severed the victim’s head, and gutted him.

The bus had 37 other passengers and was traveling from Edmonton, Alberta to Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. It seems that when the attack began, the driver pulled over, allowing others to exit and brace the door to keep the killer inside.

The still-unidentified killer was apprehended by police after a confrontation that lasted several hours. He has not been charged.

According to BBC, the attack appeared unprovoked. The victim was a 20-year-old who had been listening to music through headphones.

What instigates such extreme yet seemingly random acts of violence, leading not only to death, but to disfiguration of another living being? When does one cross the line of civilization into madness? And what will society choose to inflict as punishment? How deeply sad for all involved.