Iranian Firm Orders Employees: Get Married or Get Fired

iranmarryBBC and Iranian media report that marriage is now a job requirement for all employees at Pars Special Economic Energy Zone Company, one of Iran’s state-owned companies. Employees who are single have been directed to get married by September 21 — or get fired.

The company controls Iran’s huge network of gas and petrochemical facilities around the coastal city of Assalouyeh on the Gulf coast. It employs thousands of people, mostly young men striving to earn good incomes.

The company described marriage as an “important and moral religious duty” and quoted Prophet Mohammed’s sayings to encourage compliance. This new requirement is an attempt to ensure that employees “eschew sexual temptations during their stay away from home.” Sexual relations outside of marriage are illegal in Iran.

In a similar warning, the governor of the eastern province of North Khorasan has said only married civil servants will be allowed to take up official posts in the region. Officials who are single must marry before they can take up their posts.

Yahoo News adds that Iran is undergoing an “unprecedented moral crackdown”. In addition to this marriage directive, tens of thousands of women are being warned by police for dress considered unIslamic.


4 Responses to Iranian Firm Orders Employees: Get Married or Get Fired

  1. Michael says:

    It’s about time that marriage was seen as the ideal again. But what if you’re not very good looking and people of the opposite sex won’t even look at you?

  2. blixity says:

    michael, i’m not sure what you mean, are you suggesting that only good looking people get married? curious comment.

  3. Michael says:

    No, I reckon everyone should have a chance at marriage – I meant it a facetiously but it didn’t come out right. I could just imagine this scene where a manager goes to a worker “you’re fired because you’re not married”. The employee would say “but no-one thinks I’m attractive enough”. I’d love to see the manager’s response – whether they’d play the hard line, or if they’d show some sympathy…or if a manager got put into jail for keeping single people on the payroll.

  4. blixity says:

    now it makes sense. thanks for clarifying!

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