Day of Silence For An Historic Clinton Campaign

Senator Barack Obama of Illinois has claimed the Democratic Party’s nomination tonight in Minnesota. While the future of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton remains unclear at this time, we are observing a day of silence on Wednesday, June 4th, to salute the historic implications of her hard-earned, hard-fought campaign.

A blixity tip of the hat to a formidable candidate and an ever-defiant force. Here’s to Clinton for fighting a stunning fight and keeping the serious debates going.

We now have 24 hours to switch gears and get behind the party’s nominee, after an epic and invigorating primary battle. Clinton’s campaign is dead. Long Live the Obama campaign.

We hope to see the emergence of an Obama-Clinton dream team — perhaps when the media pundits decide to stop dragging Clinton through the coals. Let’s go win this one for peace and democracy, why don’t we?


It’s time.

2 Responses to Day of Silence For An Historic Clinton Campaign

  1. Cyan says:

    It is nice for this finally to be over. I can’t bring myself to raise my glass in a toast to Sen. Clinton, however. I used to be a very big fan the Clinton’s during Bill’s reign, but no more. I found her campaign to too often resort to the below-the-belt tactics and outright lies. And then, in what should have been her concession speech in New York, she lies about how 18 million people voted for her, refused to admit that she got beat, and refused to congratulate Sen. Obama on his victory. I found that speech of hers to be rude and insulting to the victor.

    Andrea Mitchell, on MSNBC, reported that Charles Rangel, a huge Hillary supporter, was to place a call to her with a few NY delegates saying he could wait no longer to endorse the victor and it was time for her to give it up. According to Mitchell. the word of the call spread like “wildfire” and ended up being a conference call of TWENTY-THREE members of Congress telling her to do what she should have done on Tuesday night, telling her that they all are going to endorse Obama, and that she better damn well do the same. Mitchell reports that Hillary’s comment was, “That sounds right.” Shameful.

    On another note, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that top advisors in the Obama campaign are saying that Hillary being chosen as VP is “highly unlikely”. The deal breaker? Bill refuses to come clean on who the donors were for his library. Odd, eh?

    The Clinton campaign has been peppered by incompetence, a sense of arrogance, lies, and dirty tactics. And I, for one, am not sorry in the least to see her go. Don’t get me wrong, though. I think she’s an extremely intelligent individual and an excellent legislator. President (or VP)? Never.

  2. blixity says:

    thank you cyan! certainly the country seems all boiled up. hillary is no saint. and one day we will realize that obama isn’t one either. they are both politicians. and yes, politics is a treacherous game of power. yes, politics can get dirty.

    i still tip my hat to clinton’s historic campaign. she is STILL a first and that’s radical in itself. evidenced of course by both the hatred and the love she has engendered.

    i don’t understand why people still find it necessary to beat her up EVEN after she’s LOST! okay, obama has won the nomination! move on people! move on.

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