Woman Caught Living In Man’s Closet For A Year

Top story in Odd News: A 58-year old woman was arrested by officials in Fukuoka, Japan yesterday. The charge: trespassing. She had been living in the closet of a 57-year-old man’s apartment — undetected — for ONE YEAR.

Homeless, “with nowhere to live”, the woman told police she had sneaked into the apartment a year ago when the man left it unlocked. Over the past few months, the man began noticing that food was suspiciously disappearing from his kitchen. He set up hidden security cameras, which transmitted pictures to his mobile phone while he was out. These led to the woman’s arrest.

According to reports, she had secreted a small mattress into the closet and had even been taking showers in the man’s home. She was described as “neat and clean”. I would say simply “desperate”.

How large was this apartment? The closet? Wow. In a country where real estate is prime commodity, this must have been quite a space.


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