Ratzinger in America: What His Stars Say

ratzingerJoseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict XVI, head of the Vatican State and 265th Holy Father to Roman Catholics around the world, is headed for America this week. His itinerary begins on 4/15-17 in Washington DC and ends with 3 days in NYC (there goes the weekend…) These are challenging times for his church (and the rest of us who won’t be saved), and the visit (expertly branded as an “apostolic journey”) is historic: This is the neoconservative, Gucci-sunglassed, Prada-slippered leader’s first visit to America. It is only the second time in history that a pope will visit the White House, the first time a pope will celebrate his birthday with an American President, and the third time a pope will hang out in the Big Apple. He is scheduled to address the United Nations General Assembly and will visit the World Trade Center site. He will be carrying the pastoral staff of Pope Pius IX, as he makes a much-needed case for peace, love, and tolerance, while he continues to exclude women, same-sex partners, and followers of other faiths, cultures, and fashions from peace, love, and tolerance. This is an impossible proposition.

Born on April 16, 1927 and declared pope on April 19, 2005, Ratzinger could be headed towards another life-changing April. So we thought we’d preempt the situation and look to the stars for clues. For the astrologically-inclined, here’s a screenshot of his natal chart from Astrology Weekly.

And a horoscope for Ratzinger on his birthday, from our favorite astrology site astro.com:

A fleeting depression

Weak, transient effect: This influence can indicate a period of fleeting depression. This morning you are inclined to feel lonely and out of touch with others. Sometimes you have a pronounced sense that no one loves you, whether or not it is true. It is very important to realize that your moods and sensations under this influence often do not reflect reality, even though they seem to. One area where you can have real trouble is in relationships. You will find it unusually difficult to relate emotionally to another person during this time. Either you are caught up in internal negativism, or you feel so cold and insensitive that you do not register signals from other people very well. This in turn leads to failures of communication and genuine misunderstandings. Obviously this is not a good time to become involved in an emotionally delicate situation.

Considering Ratzinger will be spending his birthday morning with Bush, this TOTALLY makes sense.


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