©MURAKAMI: The Next Warhol?

Takashi Murakami aggressively remixes high and low culture to produce extraordinary objects that blur the illusory line in the sand between art and commodity, authorship and reproduction. Perhaps best known for his collaboration with Marc Jacobs to produce the “superflat” monogram pattern for Louis Vuitton, Murakami creates fantasy characters (smiling daisies, magic mushrooms, anime and otaku-inspired figures) that take the form of paintings, sculptures, public installations, toys, books, animated films, and recently a music video for Kanye West. These critique postwar consumerism, while at the same relying on the very same consumerist culture for their legibility and production. In his first retrospective at MOCA in Los Angeles (Oct 2007 – Feb 2008), Murakami makes this spectacularly explicit by siting a fully-operational Louis Vuitton store among his works and titling the show “©Murakami”. The retrospective travels onto the Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York (April 4 – July 13, 2008).

The art world speaketh, citing the tension between art and fashion (and the unspoken word, commerce). Artnet TV’s version of the MOCA LA opening:

While the fashion world rocketh! Fashion TV’s take on the same MOCA LA opening:


2 Responses to ©MURAKAMI: The Next Warhol?

  1. friendsofthefruitsof sin says:

    Takashi Murakami is a weak weenie manipulator,but far from an artist. he is a weak copyist of Jeff Koons and does not get even 1% of Warhol’s concept. It is just LV for the wall a fashion statement that has past its due-date. Try reading his writing and then look for actual VERIFIABLE facts. Note that he chooses dead people to link his claptrap to so they can’t nay say his link. The worst part of Murakami is that he is spreading a neo-orientalism that is equally as false as the first but more dangerous because it is being perpetuated by a Japanese man. Read his book and it is identical to Mark Kostabi’s books what is the difference between Kostabi and Murakami? Murakami comescloser to Mark Kostabi than any others. HEnce forth he shall be called Murakostabi.

  2. […] Creative Director Marc Jacobs to seek out any forward-thinking collaborations along the lines of Takashi Murakami (artist/designer of the Multicolore pattern whose current show at the Brooklyn Museum has a […]

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